Selkie Beach

Ebook available:

Approximately 35K.

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Motivated by fond memories, Sam Martin impulsively buys the vacation house of his childhood. Along with the fixer-upper, though, he seems to have acquired a new companion. An unusual women, who fabricates stories and insists she belongs to his land.

That woman is Floree. Over a century ago, a spell saved her life, and since then she’s existed between two worlds—selkie and human. Now, like a ghost, she is fading. She fears succumbing to her selkie side completely and longs for human contact.

At first, Sam just wants Floree to go away. But as he spends more time with her, his fascination grows—and not only because of her ethereal beauty. Her life’s story begins to make a terrible kind of sense.

Yet Floree’s complicated past brings forth a menacing presence that threatens their lives—and their fledgling love.


  • Long and Short Reviews
    by Astilbe

    Selkie Beach kept me entertained until the final paragraph. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in being spirited away to a different time and place.

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