Running Free

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She is the one wolf who can tame his feral spirit

A Northern Shifters story

A year and a half ago, if someone had told Zach that he’d be guardian to the creature he distrusts most—a wolf shifter—he’d have laughed. A half-broken horse shifter as father figure? No way.

Now, he’d kill to protect the pup he found lost in the woods—and he has. Which, unfortunately, has attracted the attention of Wolf Town’s alpha.

Sally prefers to keep a low profile among her fellow shifters in Wolf Town. Yet when she’s asked to investigate a pup living outside the safety of the pack, she can’t bring herself to refuse.

From the moment Zach meets the new piano teacher, his world tilts. Her scent gets under his skin. Her touch retrieves missing pieces of his memory. But even as their blazing attraction flares out of control, trust is the hardest to give, and the one thing they both need if they’re to save the boy from another attack.

ISBN 978-1-61921-157-5

ISBN 978-1-61921-712-6


  • RT Book Reviews
    by Cyndy Aleo

    There’s no resisting this horse shifter who’ll risk everything for a wolf child—and no resisting his first steps in trusting a woman who’s not quite sure of her own place either.

  • Book Pushers
    by Minnchica

    …another good novella for the Northern Shifters Series.

  • Sensual Reads

    … this was a fascinating story…

  • Fresh Fiction
    by Clare O’Beara

    The refreshing theme of a young werewolf pup being cared for by a grown werehorse lifts these characters and action out of the ordinary shifter stories and adds dilemmas due to their contrasting natures.

  • Night Owl Romance
    by Lisa Jung

    Running Free is a great book for any shifter fan looking for something new to read.

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