Talk Me Down

I’ve been away from reading contemporary romance for a while. I’m not sure exactly why, as I like the genre. In fact, Jennifer Crusie’s fantastic Welcome to Temptation bought me back to reading romance.

But I began to notice buzz about Victoria Dahl’s Talk Me Down, probably first at Dear Author. So I picked it up and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I find Dahl’s writing completely engaging and her characters incredibly likable. But, not only that, the characters show nice depths as the book continues. Molly is a writer of erotic romance, an occupation she’s not ashamed of but one she also keeps a secret. Ben is the local sheriff, Molly’s teenaged crush and best friend of her brother growing up. He’s got issues with privacy, given his father’s big scandal when Ben was a teenager, while Molly’s got different issues with privacy—she doesn’t want to be belittled about her writing by her family. And these privacy issues get completely tangled, as Molly shoots from the mouth and Ben is hellbent on discovering what Molly does for a living because he doesn’t want another scandal in his life.

But that isn’t the only source of conflict, even if it’s probably the biggest one. Molly is being stalked, and someone is quite angry with her. As well, she’s got a crazy ex-boyfriend.

I liked how Dahl didn’t quickly resolve Molly and Ben’s conflict. Molly wasn’t being silly with her fears of how Ben would react to her writing, especially when her first story was based on her teenaged fantasy of him. So they had to work through that and not get it waved away. Also I really just loved Molly and Ben. Molly for being the initiator and just so damned funny, and Ben for being such a sweetheart. Hot, too. And capable and responsible, which I find hot.

God, this is a rambling mess and I feel like I haven’t written about a book in ages. But. Good book. Highly recommended!

The next book in the series is Start Me Up with Molly’s brother and Molly’s best friend. I’m looking forward to it.


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