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Dear Author has a great article entitled If You Like Jennifer Crusie, hosted by Morgan S. Interesting analysis and interesting comments. If you’re a big Crusie fan and looking for other authors, it’s probably a good article to visit. I think I should try to read Kristan Higgins. I would agree with Susan Elizabeth Phillips as an if-you-like-Crusie author. Different, too, of course. I have a soft spot for It Had To Be You.

Anyway, what I wanted to say about Crusie is that her Welcome to Temptation was the romance book that brought me back to romance. I hadn’t read the genre for years. I found the book riveting and eye-opening, and I not only thought, I want to read more of this. I also thought, I want to write this. (Not specifically Crusie. I’m no Crusie, but I wanted to write romance.) It was a bit like coming home.

In other news, there’s an absolutely lovely review of The Strength of the Wolf by JJmachshev. Thank you so much! It looks like an interesting review site. New to me.

Have I mentioned my next book in the series, though it’s not a direct sequel like The Strength of the Wolf after The Strength of the Pack, is Puma which will be released in October. I must post the cover real soon. As you may guess, this has a cat-shifter protagonist (the heroine).

And I must quote Elizabeth Bear, because I think it’s dead on. The entire post is interesting, but this paragraph I love:

My job as a writer is to manipulate people. It’s what stories do. However, my job as a writer is to make them collaborate with and enjoy being part of the manipulation, not feel like I’m jerking their chain.


2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Thanks for your kind words on my review. My site’s just where I say what I think about the books I read…and I get such a thrill when an author comments!!

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