All About Samhain

This week from Samhain:

  • Touch of Fire Maria Zannini. Novel. Fantasy romance.
  • Still Waters Kate Johnson. Novel. Chick-lit mystery. Book 4 of the Sophie Green Mysteries.
  • Seduction 101 Moira Reid. Short story. Contemporary romance. Red hot.
  • Hunter’s Edge Shiloh Walker. Novel. Paranormal romance. Red hot.
  • Closer Ally Blue. Novel. Gay romance. Book Four in the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series.
  • Close Quarters Denise A. Agnew. Novella. Romantic suspense. Hot Zone book 4.

Best sellers from My Bookstore and More:

1. Stay With Me by Maya Banks
2. FireDrake by Bianca D’Arc
3. Still Mine by Mary Wine

From last week, FireDrake made it onto the bestseller list. As did Midnight Reborn and Eyes of Fire.


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