Don’t get it

I’m sure if I was a wiser, better person, I just wouldn’t post anything. But, really, if you don’t like a blog or a site, don’t go there. Don’t read it. Life is too short.

And you know what? Not everyone is going to agree with what is right—or not—to post. I have blogs I don’t visit, because they irritated me or even disgusted me. (And if I’m mesmerized despite myself, well, that is my responsibility.) But no one is forced to go read whatever.

I don’t get it.

I know someone who refuses to read any reviews of her work. Just doesn’t want to know. Her perogative and good for her.

If you don’t like negativity—though negativity, like much else, is one of those eye-of-the-beholder things—don’t visit it.

I suppose I sound self-righteous. Sigh. And I admit that while I’ve had meh reviews, I haven’t had a book shredded.

In other news, just adored this quote of Alison Kent’s, found in the comments of this post by Janine of Dear Author:

This is something I think isn’t talked about enough, how forward motion doesn’t have to stop to give the description of a parlor or a character’s clothing or the landscape.

2 thoughts on “Don’t get it

  1. This is very good advice for writers. I agree with you, if you hate someone’s blog, don’t visit it. Fairly simple concept, although so many disregard advice such as this. I had a post that I eventually ended up deleting because it became so extremely controversial and argumentative that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I like the tone of this, a bit cynical but comical at the same time. Much like myself. Anabel

  2. Thanks, Anabel!

    I know the lure of following some blog or conversation that is no good for you. But really, at some point, you just have to say no.

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