Moon Called

I don’t always enjoy urban fantasy. Sometimes, the world can get too crowded, with its werewolves, vampires, magic and other assorted creatures. Too many creatures and too many explanations. But here, despite all the different creatures in Patricia Briggs’s Moon Called, I loved this story.

Maybe because I love werewolves and shapeshifters and they were the primary focus. But also just because I found Brigg’s story engaging, her characters appealing and the world believable. Really good read. Werewolves have powers, but it’s not easy being a werewolf. It costs and sometimes the cost is way too high.

Mercedes or Mercy is not a werewolf, but a walker, one who can shift into coyote form, unaffected by the moon. She was raised by werewolves, but is not one of the them. This creates an interesting tension, in that the werewolves are and are not her family. She is associated with but not part of the pack. It also allows the author to explain a lot of things werewolves would take for granted, because Mercy has issues with what is normal for werewolves.

There is a complicated plot that pulled me through the story. Like a lot of mysteries, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the final explanation—I am just not the best mystery reader. But, nevertheless the world and the characters and the voice (it’s first person narrator) more than compensated for any disappointment in story.

There are two love interests but not actually much romance at all. There’s a death that hurt me :( There are lots of appealing secondary characters.

I’ll be reading the next one in this series. I’m pleased. Because I keep trying to read urban fantasy and failing to be engaged. But this one was a keeper.

Jane of Dear Author gave Moon Called an A-. Keishon gave it an A.


4 thoughts on “Moon Called

  1. I liked Moon Called, but wasn’t blown away. I had many of the same problem with werewolf gender roles that Mercy did, only more so. I’M picking up the next in the series if I see it.


  2. I’ve read Moon Called and Blood Bound. I think I preferred Moon Called. And yes, I was saddened at that death, too. But even though the 2nd book didn’t wow me like the first, I plan to continue reading this series. If only to see how the triangle (square? I’m not telling!) works out!

  3. Larry—I actually liked that the gender roles were so obvious, instead of I dunno, pretending they weren’t there, which I sometimes find in some books. And she made sense of it (for me), in that so many of the werewolves were made in a different era and there are so few females.

    Sela—don’t tell me there’s a vampire on the scene! Seems to me that whenever an author has a vampire/shapeshifter choice, they go for the vampire, to my dismay. I always love shapeshifters best! (Well, to date.)

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