All About Samhain

This week Samhain offers three books at 10% off:

The blurb of 72 Hours made me sit up and take notice. Kitty MacKenzie is the first historical novel I’ve seen at Samhain. Only You’ll Be the Death of Me has warnings this week.


  • Jayne reviews The Gripping Beast by Charlene Teglia.
    As to Erik. I like him. He kept me reading the story. He’s a man of his times and I appreciate that you make him act like a 10th century man. He thinks Lorelei is his slave and never acts all PC about it.

  • Jane reviews Betting Hearts by Dee Tenorio.
    This book strikes the right balance between humor, character growth, and sexual tension. I am anxiously awaiting your next release. B for you.

  • Mary Fechter reviews Betting Hearts by Dee Tenorio.
    The sexual tension is thick as, well, as the heat here in SA. The love scene is fulfilling and heartbreaking. Secondary characters are great and real, twists of phrase make you smile (and wish you’d written them) and the last scene is fabulous.

  • Nicole Austin ebuzzed Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna.
    What a fabulous story! A heroine I could relate to, two very hunky, very alpha men, and some secondary characters that are a lot of fun. Oh, and did I mention its a totally scorching menage.

  • Jane reviews The Distressing Damsel by Shelley Laurenston.

Sales and news

Samhain has released a few male/male romances and will continue do so:

  • Ally Blue sold Eros Rising which will be e-released and part of a print anthology with Willa Okati and JL Langley.
  • Joely Skye sold a novella, part of the Minders series.

And in other sales news:

Best sellers at My Bookstore and More:
1. Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna
2. Seducing Simon by Maya Banks
3. Hunted by Amelia Elias

I always like it when one of the previous week’s releases makes it into the top 3, in this case Hunted. For the third week Blackmailed is at number 1 and the second week Seducing Simon is in the top 3. Nice selling, ladies!

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