Wednesday links

There are some interesting discussions about Ellora’s Cave here and here. Posts by Jaid Black, Sylvia Day, Laura Lee Ghurke, and others. It gets a little messy, but if you read through you’ll see there are a number of authors who are making more at EC than in NY. Note that EC does print runs. (Wallpaper historical are also discussed.)

Found via Karen Scott.

Dear Author asks about the changing face of romance.

The HEA has traditionally been the guideposts of romances. What the HEA entails has varied, ie., a couple being together without being married, having kids, etc. But is the HEA changing? I have seen other authors post at blogs and in comments to blogs that their books may not have the “traditional” HEA, that the conclusion may be open-ended (as in a series) but that the story is still considered a romance. The cynic in me says that these books aren’t romances but the author wants to take advantage of the romance market. (54.9% of all popular mass-market fiction sold).


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