All About Samhain

This week Samhain releases two novels, one regular and one plus-sized.

  • The Distressing Damsel Shelley Laurenston. Plus novel. Erotic romance with a witch and dragon. Book 2 of the Dragon Kin series.
  • The Prize Beth Williamson. Novel. Erotic western romance. Book 2 of the Malloy family series.

First week on sale: 10% off.

New reviews:

  • Jayne of Dear Author reviewed Forever Again by Shannon Stacey.
    There is a lot to like about Forever Again. I enjoyed how Gena, the heroine, has progressed in her life. She made a mistake when young but has not let it keep her from achieving her business degree and starting a successful career…
    I like Mia and think you’ve really done a great job with her character. She feels like a teenager.


  • Lauren Dane at A Romance Review.
    As an author, I want to know what works for readers and a good review, even if it’s less than stellar, can be really useful.

    What I don’t like are reviews which ding the book for being exactly what they’re supposed to be. I’ve gotten dinged for having a lot of sex in my books among other things. Hello! Erotic romance = sex.


  • Charlene Teglia sold Night Music to the Samhain anthology. To be released this Halloween in e-book and print.
  • Jenn Andrus, Mackenzie McKade, Kate Davies, Cassandra Kane, and Loralei James also sold to the anthology.

Bestsellers at My Bookstore and More:
1. Angel Eyes by Jaycee Clark
2. Willow Bend by Ally Blue
3. Malachi by Shiloh Walker

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