All about Samhain

This week Samhain releases two short stories and one category length novel.

  • Blood Brothers Barbara Sheridan & Anne Cain. Short story. M/m, vampire, yaoi, feudal Japan.
  • Dark Heat Arianna Hart. Category. Romantic suspense with psychic heroine.
  • Malachi Shiloh Walker. Short story. Paranormal.

They’re 10% off for their first week.

Angie has pictures of Samhain’s first five books in print here.

New Samhain book reviews:

  • Jane of Dear Author reviewed Let’s Pretend by Raine Weaver. B+
    Brant is an amoral hero along the lines of an Anne Stuart hero. He is bad, in almost every sense of the word: both the positive and the negative connotation. He is a user and a master manipulator and he uses all of his skills on Ronnie. Why this works is because everything that he does actually helps the Ronnie break out of her mold.

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