All about Samhain

Samhain, being my publisher, fascinates me. So I’ve decided to make a weekly Samhain post. It will consist mainly of news I’ve gleaned from my internet wanderings.

Tuesday is release day at Samhain. For sale, with the ten percent discount for new releases:

This is Samhain’s first m/m release. I enjoyed Ally Blue’s Easy so I won’t be able to resist Willow Bend. I’m sure Silvia Violet’s novel is not Samhain’s first paranormal romance, though perhaps the first with vampires and magic.

I also keep track of Samhain book reviews I’ve read. The list won’t be exhaustive. This week:

  • Jayne of Dear Author reviewed Summer Devon’s Learning Charity.
    I like how you work the sex into acts of caring and closeness instead of just throwing them in for titillation and how you use them to break down the final restraints between these two.

  • Sybil reviewed Shiloh Walker’s Hunter’s Pride.
    Good read, nice intro into Shilohreadingworld and inexpensive if you are just stepping your toes into the ebook world.

In sales news:

Event: Samhain Author List Day this Saturday, May 6, from 9 am to 9 pm EST. (ETA: edited with correct times. Thanks, Marty!)

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