His Majesty’s Dragon

I had a great time reading Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon. I haven’t gobbled up a paperback for quite a while. Now I’m eying its sequel, The Jade Throne. Anyway, it’s the Napoleonic wars with dragons, and the book’s anchor is the relationship between Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire. So certainly a love story, but not a romance. Lots of action, good character development. I guessed a couple of plot points, which is pretty unusual for oblivious me, but it wasn’t a problem. Recommended!

Dear Author. Jane gives it an A.

…the true love story is between the man and the dragon. The depth of feeling and devotion these two exhibit is more touching than I have read in a romance in a long time.

Sherwood Smith. She’s read all three books in the Temeraire series.

Let me just say that Novik’s world becomes more fascinating, the characters more complex, the twists unexpected, the tragedies both sharp and real, but binding it all together like a thread of gold is the sense of honor and duty that Temeraire and Laurence both feel, yet have to keep defining.

She also discusses other dragon books she’s enjoyed.


4 thoughts on “His Majesty’s Dragon

  1. The story shape was nothing new, no, but I had great fun watching the details, especially the social details, working themselves out. I love how we learn about two worlds but the means of a man moving between them.

    Will be snatching up the second book when it’s out.


  2. Eric—this is fantasy, not romance. It’s kind of alternate world fantasy, I guess. And I’m pleased to be a fan base!

    Cece—lotsa fun, I swear, and quite moving in places, too. I suspect this trilogy (coming out March, April, and May) is going to be a big hit.

    Larry—I just bought The Jade Throne today. I think my bookstore has it early and I couldn’t resist. I know what I’m reading next.

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